Do you want the express lane to high-converting dream clients without the hustle?



Linan's done for you, Premium Social Sales 90 Day Program helps investment driven coaches and CEO's who are too busy serving clients and running their business to nurture, capture and convert qualified DREAM leads.


It's time to put the equity back into your business...


With an expert social selling mentor; through lead generation, social sales, personalized launch strategy support, and a proven sales system that has made hundreds of thousands of dollars literally all "without the hustle".


It’s time to fire yourself from sales and let an experienced lead generation expert come in, cash you out and convert dream clients. Whether you're wanting to double your profits during your live launch or put your attention on growing your business instead of being stuck inside of your business.


This program is your next solution!



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You want more clients...But...



Break the cycle

You are feeling burnt out--mentally exhausted! Working the back end of your business or managing team members. Social sales doesn't work when you are in a disconnected state.

Landing dream clients-- difficult, when coming from devoid motivation. That translates into a lack of care.


Pre launch days fly by making you feel anxious and rushed. Lead gen and sales is at the top of your list. BUT....

By the time you look down at the clock, it's 5:00pm and your ready to binge watch your favorite show.

UNINSPIRED IS AN UNDERSTATMENT and not the time to communicate. The pressure is on. It gets pushed off to the next day. And the cycle continues. 

Time to stop feeling trapped in your business. 

Stress-Growth Spiral

You're feeling overwhelmed, sacrificing your dream life for the constant 8 week launch cycle. Hitting a wall maxing out your current strategies, energy and resources. Your meeting your goals but the thought of another launch in 8 weeks sounds depleting.


By the time your program ends 50% of your revenue has been spent. Back in the cash flow purgatory trap.

As a result you try to get as many people as possible into your funnel, test out automation, ads, investing in low end features and services with a high end cost. Spreading your attention thin on more people who aren't your dream clients. Talk about putting your radar on overdrive. 

This spiral can end when you say so!

You need manpower to maximize the sales opportunities all around you. 

You're only one person!

You have so many leads your head is spinning, you are feeling a bit dizzy and maybe even overly confident that a whole new 15 leads will definitely sign up this time to your amazing program. Yet you are so busy in creation mode there is little to no time to actually attend to them.

Launching, serving current clients, responding to post comments and watching your story views. It's okay we all do it. Social can be distracting even when you are intentional.

But listen boss if you want to step into your CEO pants, you can’t keep this solo trend going on any longer. You could be at the point where even hiring a strategy coach, copy writer, VA isn't enough to get to this next level and drive sales.

It's time for Dream Leads into Dream Clients at LARGE.



 How do I know this program is for me?

  •  You've mapped out your next launch, based on your last launch you are on track to have a 5k-50k cash launch. You haven't randomly come up with that number off the top of your head. 
  • Your hands are tied. You are doing all that you can possibly do in a days work and the numbers aren't scaling up fast enough for you. 
  • You are sick of attending freebies by coaches who teach 30-100k cash months with an upsell to sign up for their coaching program or 1:1, knowing darn well to get there you need to double down on lead generation and social sales.
  • You are a go getter and READY TO HAND OFF THAT TITLE. This is visibility on high throttle. 

Premium Social Sales is here to take care of YOU. Period.


You are getting 90 days-- hands off, no stress required DONE FOR YOU high touch lead generation, sales, personalized concierge and community management support; to surpass your cash and client goals. Without breaking a sweat.  

 You want more clients

You want high ticket dream clients. So you can start making more money. You've got bigger dreams. Not just for your business but for your life.


 You want support

You have launched a few times and you realize that it's time to outsource. You are ready to work smarter and not harder. You know it's time to put your next investment into quality lead generation, the one area that keeps the business's engine running on full.

 You want to feel refreshed

You want to feel fully energized after your live launches. Not drained and depleted when you go to coach your new clients.


A 90 day premium social sales all inclusive: done for you program, putting you on the fast-track. To double your launch sales, without the overwhelm.


You're getting experienced done-for-you social sales, a proven to work nurturing sales system, high converting lead generation, high touch personalized concierge-launch support and tracking tools that keep your business fit.

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Client Success Stories



Meet Sun

Influencer & Astrology Mentor, Who went from trading time for money with only 1 hour readings to high ticket offers. We raised his rates going from $222/ session to $1110/ monthly revolving 1:many container, fully booking each group coaching container and generating consistent cash months. His freebies created over 100 qualified leads per live launch using my social sales system. 

Meet Phyllis

Hi I'm Phyllis a Spiritual Entrepreneur. I hired Linan during the height of Covid-19, concerned with my brick and mortar based business. She helped to position me online, built up my authority and quickly created a marketing strategy that grew my business to 30k during or time together. I fully booked my high ticket Reiki Certification programs. Now I am creating 1:many certification containers to expand my impact and as a means of working smarter and not harder. I would recommend Linan to help you take your business to the next level.

-Phyllis Simonetta

Meet Pradnya 

Hi I'm Pradnya. Spiritual Entrepreneur. I hired Linan to work 1:1 with her because I was struggling to create high ticket clients. In 3 weeks of working together we increased my prices, the length of my containers: which increased my cash months by 48%. I fully booked out every single group program and my 1:1 coaching spots. In 6 months created six figures in my business. And I recently purchased a brand new home. If you are looking to celebrate every launch with dozens of dream clients and scale your business; you need to hire Linan for; premium social sales. You won't regret it!

- Pradnya Vernekar

Meet Michelle

I'm Michelle a Hair Loss Recovery Specialist / Health and Wellness Coach. I started working with Linan during the pandemic. Worried about my store front and how it would effect my business with all the restrictions. Linan helped me hone into and developed a passive stream of income, we worked on leadership, skill development and sustainable growth for my business. With her support I was able to generate and sustain consistent 5 figure months at my hair salon. I would highly recommend Linan if you are burnt out in dyer need.

- Michelle Selden

Meet Cee Cee

Hi I'm Cee Cee, I am a Beauty product influencer/ business owner. I hired Linan as a business mentor; for sales support to grow my business. We leveraged a Facebook community called "Cosmetics to Confidence", created dozens of warm leads that fell in love with my products and the mission behind them. Now I have more fulfillment in my brand and message, "inner and outer beauty" impact. I would recommend Linan as your go to premium social sales expert.

- Cee Cee Palmer

Meet Shawna

Hi I am Shawna I hired Linan and all I can say is, "Do Not Hesitate". This woman can work her magic. I'm a Psychic Medium Transformational Coach and have strong intuition. She is the real deal. I hired her for Premium Social Sales and already made my invest back. She closed 3 mid level clients, within 4 days of working with her and hitting a little over 5k. I did a soft 3 days launch with no intense content marketing. Now we are working on dream clients, increasing my prices and upgrading my offer. I love working with her. She communicates well, is confident in her skill and abilities, supports me with, lead gen, prospecting and closing. As well as, business consulting and mindset. "A true business lead generation and social sales genius". 

- Shawna Maleski

Meet Meghan

Hey there, I'm Meghan a Licensed Acupuncturist who joined Linan's group coaching container, followed her nurturing sales system to a T. I was able to easily implement her growth systems, onboarded more patients after working with her and went from inconsistent cash months at my brick and mortar to 5-7k consistent cash months. With zero marketing or posting. If you haven't experienced Linan's radiant containers that bring you so much positive energy and profits, now is the time! DO NOT WAIT.

-Meghan McGonagle

Meet Caitlin

Hi I'm Caitlin Certified Holistic RN. I hired Linan to help launch my online business and got way more than expected. I went from inconsistent clients, trading time for money and now developing a holistic coach/nursing business. I created hundreds of qualified leads that reach out to me daily for my wellness code coaching program. I love her nurturing sales system. I am currently in her group coaching container High Ticket Alpha where we are learning how to social sell with ease and create a business model that is helping me create long term growth. I'm not one for being online all day and would recommend Linan's premiums social sales program and system if you are done being glued to your phone and burnt out hustling for client.

-Caitlin Watson 

Meet Sonia

Hi I'm Sonia Massage Therapist turned brand new online holistic health coach. I have been working 1:1 with Linan for 5 months. I implemented Linan's social selling system; while creating dozens of leads in my Facebook group. She helped me create 3 profitable offers that my clients graduate into and love. I am focused on creating consistent 5 figure months. Thank you Linan! I would recommend her if your are seeking done for you or done with you Premium Social Sales.

- Sonia McConkey

Client Testimonial


Hi I'm Linan

I'm a Premium Social Selling Mentor and have built my business to 6 figures in 15 months. I have been social selling, since 2015, mentoring since 2013 and helping men and women scale their business for 1 year.

My specialty: helping coaches scale their 1:many offer, with done for you or done with you premium social sales support. With my proven to work; profitable sales system & framework.

I'm well known for high touch support, being high vibe, exceptional client experience and providing quality lead generation to help you hit your client goals BEFORE you live launch.


I live on the beach in MA. I am a graduate from The University of Massachusetts Boston. I have an affinity for Vikings movies. I'm a Pisces and love to travel.

And I LOVE what I do.




Here is what you get when you sign up...

Done for you - Closing dream leads + sales calls.

Increase freedom + client retention focus.

( Value $4000)

3 month container

Maximize double + triple your profits

( Value $3000)

(6) 1 on 1 Calls

Team Meeting + review calls for precision focus and desired outcomes.

(Value $12,000)

Done for you lead tracking + Personalized Sales Pipeline

More accurate leads list with a greater conversion rate, informs who needs more convincing and trust building

(Value $1500)

Voxer Support 

We will be prepared for any questions that might arise with a prospective client

(Value $ 2222)

High touch prospecting + community management

You'll close more sales, have better client engagement, and have a better outlook on your launch or promotional offers

(Value $4000)

KPI measuring + Tracking

Fuels your business to never miss a single step or potential client

(Value $999)

164 hours Lead Generation + Prospecting

Qualified dream leads are an asset that you'll be able to reproduce several times and decrease your retention cost with this personalized approach

(Value $6000)

When you add that all up, it comes out to a value of over $33,000.




90 Day | Pay In Full (FAST ACTION BONUS)



90 Day | Pay In Full



90 Day | Payment Plan




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